Sunday, October 3, 2010

Psoc Application

By Application
        Aerospace and Defense
        Consumer Electronics
        Cypress Kits and Demo Boards
        Home Automation
        LCD Drive
        Low Power Management
        Motor Control
        Precision Analog
        White Goods
        Wired Connectivity
        Wireless Communications

By Function
        Battery Charging
        Buttons and Switches
        Fan Control
        Motor Control
        PSoC Design Tips
        Timers and Counters
        Wired Connectivity
        Wireless Connectivity

PSoC 3 & 5 Building Blocks
        Analog Functions
        Communication Modems
        LCD Drive
        Low Power
        Motor Control
        USB Connectivity   

 PSoC 3 & 5 Solutions

PSoC Building Blocks
        Digital Functions
        User Interface

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